Boys do Ballet too!


Ballet is widely recognised as an art form that had its origins many centuries ago in Italy as part of the Renaissance. It is characterised by its graceful, flowing movements, strength, balance, and symmetry that has an emphasis on story and narrative.

Ballet is a great form of expression for growing young bodies to experience and I’m keen to see as many boys (as girls) get to experience learning the discipline, power, and grace that ballet offers. For me, ballet is not only about tutus, lace, and tiaras.

Male ballet dancers, known as danseurs, are recognised for their physical strength, and ballet for boys grows physical endurance and fitness. For young boys, learning coordination, balance, and how to control their body in motion provides an all-around physical workout which is not bound by gender or any stereotype. In addition, ballet helps boys develop discipline, focus, mental strength, and a sense of accomplishment, and self-confidence. 

Following instruction is a key factor to learning ballet, an important life skill that can be applied in and out of the ballet studio. So is the “team sport’ aspect of ballet, working with others to master a routine to create a unified performance presence, whilst also supporting others both on and off stage. Ballet also works to develop and grow social skills, another benefit to joining ballet classes is your young dancer will make life-long friends with both girls and boys. Moreover, ballet can also lead to career opportunities as professional dancers, choreographers, or even dance teachers, and can help with audition skills and performance skills, which are transferable to other careers.

Ballet provides a unique outlet for growth and the overall development of creativity. I look forward to meeting your son and sharing my passion for ballet and dance.