Five Reasons why dance is good for kids!


Dancing has been a major part of my life for over 30 years in both a professional and personal sense. I love nothing more than to put on some music and get moving – and I share that passion every day through teaching dance from toddlers to adults. I have seen first-hand how dancing enriches our lives and children are naturally drawn to movement and dancing, which is a fantastic outlet for self-expression and so important for a child’s overall well-being. Dancing provides many benefits. Here are my top five ……

  1. Physical – A great source of exercise that gets hearts and lungs pumping, bodies stretching and muscles developing! Dancing also develops cognitive ability, agility and flexibility.
  2. Creative – Imagination, connection with music and improvisation promote creativity in children. Toddler dance programs like Studio Minis promote creativity because it encourages improvisation and exploration.
  3. Social – Dancing and attending dance lessons allows for children to develop and foster friendships and connection with the community. Dancing also improves teamwork and cooperation in children through class interaction.
  4. Emotional – Dancing is FUN and is an emotional outlet – it’s pretty well known that having a ‘bop & a boogie’’ releases in the brain the feel good hormone of serotonin. Dancing is a great way to also build self-confidence!
  5. Academic – everything learnt in a dance class translates to a classroom – timekeeping, discipline, practice/study! Dancing strengthens young (and old) brains by connecting functions for physical movement, feeling and coordination.

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